Symbolic, Mythological, and Psychosexual Analysis of Esoteric Liturgy (2010)


There are numerous different denominations within the greater umbrella of the Catholic Church, each with their own sacramental liturgy. Linked together through the tradition of an Apostolic successive priesthood, the Catholic Church is comprised of both well-known forms (e.g. Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox) and the more obscure (e.g. Old Catholic and Liberal Catholic). The Independent Esoteric Catholic movement is a modern denomination sharing succession through bishops of the Old Catholic Church, Church of Antioch, Independent Catholic, and the Free Catholic Church.

This paper presents a symbolic, mythological, and psychosexual analysis of liturgy from an esoteric viewpoint. Additional exploration is made of the culturally reflective elements contained within the Independent Esoteric Catholic movement’s rites and the expression of beliefs and values as seen through ritual works. Finally, a discussion of how alternative forms of Catholicism create a new synchronistic paradigm is addressed.