Psychological Motivations in Vampiric Crime: A Focus on the Rod Ferrell Case (n.d.)

Abstract Crimes which contain vampiric attributes have existed throughout history. It is estimated that several criminal acts incorporating elements associated with the vampire archetype are committed each year in the United States. One of the most widely studied investigations is the Rod Ferrell case. This paper suggests that Ferrell’s fascination with vampiric imagery provided the content

Finding Spiritual Self-Fulfillment Through the Monomyth Sequence of Prayer Writing (2010)

Abstract Due to the deeply personal and individually subjective nature of religious belief, unique methods of inquiry into the exploration of such phenomena are needed. This project utilized a heuristic approach to investigate how spiritual self-fulfillment is affected through the creative process of authoring prayer. Joseph Campbell’s stages of monomyth were employed as markers for

Symbolic, Mythological, and Psychosexual Analysis of Esoteric Liturgy (2010)

Abstract There are numerous different denominations within the greater umbrella of the Catholic Church, each with their own sacramental liturgy. Linked together through the tradition of an Apostolic successive priesthood, the Catholic Church is comprised of both well-known forms (e.g. Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox) and the more obscure (e.g. Old Catholic and Liberal Catholic).

Potential Threats: A Summary Analysis of the Acquisition and Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction by Terrorist Groups (2009)

Abstract In an attempt to prevent mass-casualty attacks against the United States, analysis of terrorist groups must include their potential for the acquisition and use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). This paper presents such a summary analysis by asking questions of a logistical and/or tactical nature and then applies the answers to both international